Laura Winberry: Beat Dropper

laura winberry

When you start out as a fledgling copywriter—all glitter and exclamation points in your eyes, verbs vibrating at the back of your throat—there are certain things you’re not told. Like how you’re going to have to write about the intricacies of some fairly unsexy subjects, including stainless steel boat propellers, senior living centers, and technical fleece vests. Did you hear the record stop?

In other words, you’re not told you’ll need to become a purveyor of esoteric knowledge, a magician adept at making meaningful SEO content appear from seemingly nowhere. Nope. But you either pursue a different profession, or you do it. You call on your inner research warrior and you deploy all manner of creative and collaborative forces. You hone and you samba and you invent, never not on your toes.

This sort of explorative wizardry is exactly what Laura’s been doing (embracing) and finding spark in for the past fistful of years. Defying gravity with her words, pulling paisley kerchiefs of creative content through her left nostril, architecting rough magic when and where it counts. Putting the needle back on the record, if you will, or opting for a new EP altogether.

To get a feel for Laura’s sick DJ skills, kinetic poetry writing, and her SEO’d version of what it means to blog (with heart), visit the links included in this sentence or send her a message.