Class Act

irene cooper

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry. -Emily Dickinson

One might say the same of great content, whose every aspiration has to do with blowing minds, or as least commanding attention. What to do with words that cause a shift in the body—that make you to say Yes with your entire being? 

Irene Cooper is: Copywriter. Poet. Word Architect who combines form and function to create razor sharp text. Out of impeccable research and the pure extract of a client’s vision, she builds parapets. See them confettying the horizon, glinting technicolor in the moonlight? 

As an artist and a professional, I embrace an alchemy of inspiration that comes from a place of collaboration and respect. 

Respect for the subject matter, the repercussions of an utterance, for language itself. There’s also an element of careful refinement in her words. Meaning: the gal’s got class and it surfaces like fine linen in everything she writes. 

With a project manager’s obsession for goals and deadlines, Irene writes your story with diligence, attention, and SEO layers. She’s also adept at refurbishing existing material from the ground up, helping to more perfectly communicate your message, expand your audience, and increase community response.