Like a Boss

chris winberry

Chris is a writer, only in a slightly different way than his frank counterparts. Instead of taglines, blog posts, and SEO content, Chris weaves HTML code. Rather than coming up with the product copy for multiple landing pages (which he could do if he wanted), he builds the landing pages themselves. As well as their connections to other landing pages. Meaning: he’s versed in more WWW languages than a Belgian high school student, writes code like its lyrical verse, and creates intuitive site infrastructure like a boss. Really, Chris smelts a web of wishes into a chrysalis of reality, all by taking a client’s visual design on one end and emerging on the other with a dynamic, SEO-ready, bomb-ass website you love. He’s like Kelisi’s dope dragons, breathing life into static content and giving it the ability to be interactive, save and present data, perform tasks, and… oh, just ask him yourself. He’ll show you all the important and magical things you didn’t know your website could do for you. Promise.

While Irene and Laura don’t entirely understand what MySQL, Java, or Elasticsearch mean, Chris certainly does. And he’s really good at explaining things so… Ping him here to see how he can help you. 

Here are a few things Chris has done, is doing, and will continue to crush:

* Building Websites + Webapps

* Extending + Fixing Existing Projects

* MVPs + Prototypes

* Addressing Your Performance + Scaling Issues

* Code + Architecture Reviews

* Automating Development Processes (CI)

* Establishing + Improving Monitoring

And the technologies he works with:

* Language: *JS/Coffeescript, C#, PHP, Java, Perl, Ruby, Swift, HTML/CSS, LESS/SASS...*

* Framework: *Angular, React, Boostrap, Express, Backbone, Restify, Rails...*

* Server: *NodeJS, Nginx, Apache, IIS, Heroku, AWS, Varnish, statsd/graphite, logstash...

* DB: *Postgresql, MySQL, Mongo, SQLServer, Oracle, Redis, Elasticsearch...*

And some of the projects he’s done:

* Session encryption framework, ratings/reviews API, and Nook sync service for

* Scraper/indexer for e-commerce product data + API and management console

* Showcase app for Nokia Research's new mapping technology

* FE for giftcards and FE/BE for shipping options on Etsy

* Published one of the earliest node modules w/800+ stars on GH

* Bespoke branding site CMS used by Nike, Toyota, AARP, etc.

* Logistics and pricing engine for long haul moves